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June 2021 – The third book of the series is 75% completed, maybe. The flow of the plot of the book is very different from the previous books and introduces readers to the adventures of a new character only hinted to in the first two books. The cover is a vague vision floating in my imagination and slowly coming together.

April 2021 – Captains of the Renown released on the 29th to good reviews and excellent sales. Now on to the final book of the series.

February 2021 – I received a printed and bound copy of Captains of the Renown, and reviewed it for last-time edits and gave my blessing to the printer. It’s currently scheduled to be released by FireShip on April 29, 2021. Now comes the fun part (argh!), marketing for pre-release.

January 2021 – Captains of the Renown, I signed off on the final OKs for edits to the cover and text. It’s off to the printer. Expect the publishing release by FireShip in April, 2021.

December 2020 – Making slow progress on the 3rd book of the series…too much Christmas marketing to do.

November 2020 – After re-reading the draft of the 3rd book, I’ve slashed a number of scenes and rearranged the plot a bit. Hmm, this may set me back months, but better right than poorly written.

October 2020 – Captains of the Renown, the second book of the Tween Sea & Shore Series, is at the editor. Now the real fun begins with the edits…oh, the dreaded edits.

September 2020 – Awards! The Ship’s Carpenter received two Page Turner 2020 Finalist Awards in an international competition held in the UK. Out of the many books submitted from English-speaking countries around the world, it was chosen by judges to be in the running for the best ebook of 2020 and the best writing of 2020. The only book in the running to receive TWO awards!

August 2020 – Done deal! The contract for Captains of the Renown with my publisher is signed and the book is in production.

The next book in the Tween Sea & Shore Series is titled Captains of the Renown. It is also to be published by FireShip Press and released next year, 2021. Abraham, Yvette, and Captain Washington Shirley of The Ship’s Carpenter will return in more exploits and trials along with new historical characters who commanded the frigate Renown. Abraham and Yvette are challenged once again after leaving France for London in finding employment, having a child, and suffering a naval error that could cost Abraham his life. Washington Shirley receives glorious praise after the Battle of Quiberon Bay, but his naval career may end because of his brother’s dastardly act.

The new Renown captain, George Mackenzie, goes home to Scotland and befriends Lord Fortrose, whose politics send Mackenzie on an unwanted course. Will his decisions at the Battle of Havana end his desperation and will a carpenter who risks all, survive to return to his home? These are just a few of the exciting highlights in this new story of tall-ship adventure, Captains of the Renown.

June 2020 – FireShip Press wants to publish Captains of the Renown…woohoo—YES! So now come the contract, cover art suggestions, back of the book copy, new edits, marketing strategies, and lots of loose ends that need tidied up. I also have to finish up on the 3rd book of the series (no title yet) which is about 70% written so far. I’ve been working on it for years in pieces, so now I have to weave it all together. It’ll be a bit different than either of the first two books and deals more with just a few characters, and they’re all French! Oh, wait—no, a few of them are Choctaw. Well, that should cause you to pause in wonder, and it’s all based on a true story and still features the frigate la Renommée.

Apr. 2020 – OK. Book is done and is on the way to FireShip Press. I hope they like it!

Mar. 2020 – The beta readers did a fantastic job. Every one of them gave great feedback and suggested super ideas to make the reading better and the plot more cohesive.

Jan. 2020 – Today I finished the rewrites and grammar, spelling, punctuation checks. The book will be sent out to my beta readers this week. I can’t wait to see what they think of it.

Dec. 2019 – I’ve just completed the story. Woohoo! The climatic ending (IMHO) is a bell-ringer. Now I can focus on the long, drawn out process of rewrites and edits before I send it out to my beta readers.

Nov. 2019 – I estimate I have just one or two small incidents to create and then I’ll be on to the BIG CLIMAX of the story. I hope.

Oct. 2019 – I was sidelined by marketing projects for awhile but I’m back on the book. Came up with a neat idea yesterday to pull me out of a bind.

Aug. 2019 – I am feverishly trying to finish up the next book in the Tween Sea & Shore Series that continues the story of Abraham and Yvette and the characters in The Ship’s Carpenter and introduces new historical figures that add political intrigue, revenge, and surprises. Look for it at press shortly.

The Ship’s Carpenter was released on Sept. 12, 2019, by FireShip Press. Please go to, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, or your favorite bookstore to order your copy in paperback or ebook.

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